Coaching: What is User Research?

UX research, usability analysis, user research, design thinking, user-friendliness...

It can be hard to find your way through the jungle of terms and concepts that exist in this field. You are interested in this topic and would like to get started, but no one in your company has the necessary expertise?  Sie möchten mehr über die Vorteile erfahren, und ob es sich bei Ihnen lohnen würde? Are you looking for practical advice how to conduct research or would even be interested in getting a practical workshop to train how to facilitate research? 

I offer one-on-one coachings as well as seminars or one-day workshops. The topic can get tailored to your specific needs, so the coaching can provide you with the right tools to start creating the best user experience for your customers.

Einzelcoachings, Seminare und Workshops zum Thema UX, User Research und Usability Tests