UX/User Research Consultation

Are you looking for a freelance UX researcher for you project? Or you're looking for somebody to facilitate and analyse your research project? 

As a freelancer I already worked in a number of different capacities with companies and agencies.

  • In the discovery phase of a new product idea: If you're at the start of a project in which you want to develop a new app, website or tool, it is advisable to examine or validate the user needs. It is important to know the actual user needs so that, ideally, the new product will be a solution for an important user problem. The results of this phase often include personas, user journeys or experience maps. Mostly, interviews are chosen as the method for this phase. 

  • In the development phase: You can start testing your idea with users right from the first paper prototype. The earlier you start, the earlier you'll find larger issues with the general concept. Obviously, it is much quicker and cheaper to make larger changes in the earlier stages of development as opposed to later, when weeks of programming have already taken place. The results in this phase are actionable recommendations how to improve the product. The most important method to achieve this goal is the usability test (also called user test although the name tends to make testers nervous) in a laboratory or remote setup.