International Research

For the British government, I was running a large-scale international research project, which is why I am experienced with questions like: What are typical administrative and practical issues that can arise? What would be the first steps after deciding to enter a new market? How should you interact with users from different cultures?

International research has become a professional focus of mine ever since. I worked several times in a setup, in which a product was developed in another country (UK or US) and then needed to get tested in the German market. From my perspective, it is very helpful that I have lived in both the US and the UK so that it is easier for me to comprehend what was intended by the development team and what the reaction of the German users means.

Also from a language perspective, I can facilitate research in both German and English or I could test in German and report findings in English.

Internationales Testen, testen mit internationalen Teams, auf deutsch oder auf englisch