Expert Review

With an expert review or heuristic review, the usability of your website or app can get checked systematically with a number of standardised heuristics. Thus, it is an opportunity to examine the product and all of it features thoroughly. Experienced researchers are ideal for conducting expert reviews as they have seen users misunderstand elements many times, know what is important in order to ensure a successful communication and interaction and may be quicker to recognise typical usability traps in the prototype.

Why should you ask for an expert review?

  • In comparison to a usability test, expert reviews are quicker and cheaper. A review should not be seen as a substitute for a usability test, but sometimes it is the only thing that is possible in the given circumstances and it is thus better to a review than to do no research at all.

  • In an expert review, the usability expert thoroughly examines the products with all its features. This would not be possible in a usability test as they are rather time consuming and thus, only the most important features are tested systematically. Hence, an expert review is the perfect addition to a usability test with actual users.