My highlights of 2019

 With the beginning of the new year, it is a good opportunity to review last year and look at the highlights in my work as a freelance user researcher.

User Research Conference in London 

The highlight of the year for me. The User Research Conference in London is the biggest one in Europe. Many UX conferences only have one slot for research, which always starts with the mere basics. This conference was really run by experts in the field and I got many new spot-on insights. And as it meant traveling to London, I also got to meet some folks from UX 24/7 who I started working with this year as well.

Usability Test Dinner 

Usability Test Dinners are always a good place to network and also to slip into the shoes of a participant for one night. Being on the other side of the table makes you think about good research practices, which is a good exercise for researchers every now and then. For everybody who doesn't know the concept: It is like speed-dating for usability tests. (Often small) companies have a stand each and every six minutes, you move on to the next one. It doesn't cost anything but participants get free pizza and beer (that's part of the concept - hence the name).

Article published on Testing Time blo9 

The blog of Testing Time is very prominent when it comes to googling UX or usability topics. So I was thrilled when they asked me to write a piece for their blog. They edited it a bit and the cooperation was very smooth. You can read my post about when testing outside the target demographic makes more sense here.

Doing my first large card sort project

This is a methodology that just coincidentally never really crossed my path. I did it in small workshops before but never in a large-scale project. I even got to learn a new tool for it which is used for larger numbers of users. I love it when I can learn something new!

Research trip to Berlin

Although in general just a normal trip for research to another city, this one was special to me because it was also combined with a project in which I used to work from home. This meant that instead of rushing home right afterwards, I was able to work from Berlin for a couple of days in which I visited my sister who lives there. So this work trip really was like a mixture between work and vacation.

1620 push-ups - or - Maintaining a good work-life balance

Last but not least, I have a highlight that has rather to do with work-life balance than work per se. Nevertheless, for me it is a sign for a successful work year as I didn't have to compromise my free time and still got to do all these things. The reason I know the number of push-ups I did is that I count how often I go for a run (the goal is always 100 times a year - but has never been reached so far). I went 81 times with 20 push-ups each.