Learnings from being a juror for the UX challenge of the German UPA 

 As this year is rather busy for me, getting the opportunity to be one of the jurors for this year's UX challenge of the German UPA was a welcome break. However, I did not expect the experience to be so inspiring and to make me think about what generally makes a UX good.

3 Happy New Year! 2021 <3 

As this year was so very different to all years before, I thought I'd briefly look back on 2020. There were two positive developments in the user research industry in 2020 that are worth mentioning.

3 surprising advantages of virtual conferences 

I recently participated in a 4-day virtual conference called Mensch und Computer (Human and Computer), MuC 2020. While there were several obvious advantages such as saving time as no travel was needed, there were also three things that I hadn't considered or experienced before that excited me for the concept.

"I´m sorry but you´ll have to keep searching!"

A recent interaction with the customer service of a pizza place serves as a good example of why having a specialised customer base may actually be a sign for a bad usability.

Why German users always make sure and what this means for your website

One of the key characteristics of German users is their attitude towards information they read. Find out here how they behave and why they do this and what this means for your website.

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My highlights of 2019

With the beginning of the new year, it is a good opportunity to review last year and look at the highlights in my work as a freelance user researcher.

Common arguments for not acting on user research results and how to address them

As a user researcher, doing the research, analyzing and feeding back the results is actually not all you need to do. The hardest part can be getting your actionable recommendations turned into reality. 

When testing outside the target demographic makes more sense

Testing with the target demographic is great. But some test users are so difficult to get ahold of that you need to consider other options.

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4 usability take-aways from international testing

 I want to highlight here how valuable it can be to test with users of all your target nations! I was surprised to find numerous differences even with the pure usability of a site. Thus, culture is one of the key variables for testing usability!